How to Achieve a Victorian Home Decorated

Are you the type of person who has a strong attachment to the past especially to the Victorian era? Then why don’t you bring back the past to this modern age by simply incorporating the Victorian home décor to your own home? If you don’t have the idea on how to do that, this article will teach you.

Since the Victorian era is characterized by elegance and sophistry, you need to create those accents to your home. The foundations of this type of home décor are gold trim and dark woods highlight.

In your living room, you have to choose for the right Victorian print to accent it with because it is considered to be the most essential element. Most of these include garden scenery, pets and Victorian-era people as well. Because of the fact that they come in expensive prices, you also need to be ready in spending more.

Even if you are bathing, you can still feel like you are a Victorian-era woman because you can accentuate your bathroom with the best Victorian decors. There must be a huge foot tub that overlooks a stained-glass window. You also need to have a furniture to display your glass perfume bottle collection on. You also need to purchase glass jars that are filled with bath oils because they provide a Victorian-woman touch. To make the corners lively, you can add palms and trees.

Since the bedroom is the perfect place for you to relax and rest your body after a hard day’s work, you need to accentuate it with romantic and stylish accessories. You need to make a shadowbox which comes with a lace paper design to place near your nightstand. This will add more romantic flair to your room. This is what characterized the women who lived during the Victorian period.

You can also add more Victorian lighting fixtures to your dining room. They are great accessories that will illuminate the other furniture you have at home. You should get the ones having a combination of white and golden yellow lights. They must also have a mixture of metal and bronze finish. It is a wise idea to shop online because you can choose from several assortments and varieties.

Through these tips, you can already achieve a home having a Victorian touch. But make sure that everything is balanced for you not to experience any eye sore or discomfort. Also check out


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